The main purpose of the courses organised by our school is to prepare the candidate for safe, self-reliant sailing in inland and coastal waters. The programme of our courses is based on the Polish Yachting Association Training Scheme. Students finishing our course are well prepared for both practical and theoretical Inland or Coastal Skipper examinations. The examinations are organised at the end of every course under the authority of Polish Yachting Association and take place at least once a week. The programme includes about 15 hours of lectures and tutorials and 30 hours of sailing practice. The practical and theoretical training is organised from the 1st April to 30th November. The Junga Sailing school is the only school where you can start practising sailing at once. We offer flexible dates and hours of training to suit everyone's needs. Junga Sailing School employs Sailing Instructors with good knowledge of English.


There are three 3-hour practice/theory sessions each day:

  • 0800 - 1100

  • 1200 - 1500

  • 1700 - 2000


Lectures and tutorials take place in a classroom near our office. They are organised during the course, usually in the afternoons. The main subjects are: navigation, safety at sea, piloting and passage planning, meteorology, rescuing techniques. We provide all our students with the necessary navigational equipment and publications such as Lists of Lights, Charts, Pilotage etc.


For the trainings we use two types of sea yachts: Bavaria 32 Avangarde and Dufour 24. Our fleet is under the constant technical supervision and we posses all, required for sailing, documents.

In the harbour we teach how to oparate the yacht on engine and sails(mooring, berthing, usage of lines). Outside the harbour we train sailing (luffing up/falling off, gybe, comming about, man over board )


Our school is situated in Gdynia at 9 Aleja Jana Pawła II.

Have any question? Do not hasitate to ask:


All you need to do is to send us an email including: first and family name, the date of the course, an email and a phone number or use the notification form:


We can offer the accomodation on the yacht (10 euro per night). We also help to find a place in a hotel near harbour (about 40 euro per night).


You can get to Gdynia by plane- Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport. Connections can be found here:

Our school provides free transport from and to the Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport.


To take part in the intensive course you need six days. It includes at least six hours of sailing and 3 hours of theoretical classes everyday. Examination is always organised on the last days of the course. The Six-day course starts every Monday and the exams usually are organised on Saturdays.

[] 02.04-07.04.2012

[] 16.04-21.04.2012

[] 30.04-05.05.2012

[] 14.05-19.05.2012

[] 21.05-26.05.2012

[] 04.06-09.06.2012

[] 18.06-23.06.2012

[] 25.06-30.06.2012

[] 02.07-07.07.2012

[] 09.07-14.07.2012

[] 16.07-21.07.2012

[] 23.07-28.07.2012

[] 30.07-04.08.2012

[] 06.08-11.08.2012

[] 13.08-18.08.2012

[] 20.08-25.08.2012

[] 27.08-01.09.2012

[] 03.09-08.09.2012

[] 03.09-08.09.2012

[] 10.09-15.09.2012

[] 17.09-22.09.2012

[] 24.09-29.09.2012

[] 01.10-06.10.2012

[] 08.10-13.10.2012

[] 15.10-20.10.2012

[] 22.10-27.10.2012

[] 05.11-10.11.2012

[] 19.11-24.11.2012


This course last 3 full weekends(Saturadays and Sundays). The examination is organised on Sunday at the end of the third weekend.






Pawel Gostkowski

Year '76. Graduate of the Gdynia Maritime University, the competitor of the Maritime Regatta Training Centre in Polish Yacht Club. In years ‘95 – ‘97 gold, silver and bronze medalist of the Polish Marine Sailing Championships. Numerous races in international regattas in ILC - 25 class and in the IMS formula, member of the Polish national team in the Netherlands Championships and the World Championships.

In the years 2000 - 2005 he was realizing dozens of orders to carry out yachts, including the French shipyard ‘Sunreef’ - 60 feet-long manufacturer of luxury catamarans. He has been sailing on the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and South Atlantic Ocean.

Currently, he has been operating a few trips a year, only in his own business and for pleasure. His favorite basin is an Archipelago of Aland and Saaristo. Since 2000 the owner of the Junga Sailing School. The work in school is his hobby and spends there the spare time.

Michal Truchanowicz

Year '90. He studies at the Faculty of Navigation on the Gdynia Maritime University. He started the adventure with sailing in the Optimist Class in Navy Yacht Club. He has spotted Junga Sailing School at the fair when he was 13 years old. After several years of carefree fun in this school he joined our team of instructors.

Each year, he runs number of cruises on the Adriatic Sea, the Balearic Islands and South Atlantic waters.Spain, Morocco. In our center in Gdynia he teaches navigation, maritime pilotage, leads port maneuvers on the motor and sails, but also practical SRC (Short Range Certificate) course.

Sailing omnibus. He is trained in ARPA, ECDIS, STCW, GMDSS, GOC, advanced systems, Navtex and AIS. The knowledge gained at the University is directly applied on our trainings and offshore voyages. It is a very liked instructor.

As a future officer of the merchant fleet he spent a few months on board the ‘Dar Mlodziezy’ (Gift of Youth). For further practice in navigation on the bridge he worked for ‘Polferries’ ferry lines. ‘Scandinavia’ and ‘Baltivia’ ferries on the route Gdańsk - Nynashamn.

In Junga, he officiates managerial functions, manages a team of instructors. He represents a new generation, what means that Junga will not turn quickly into a nautical museum;)


Year ’66. Graduate of the University of Gdansk. His sailing career began brilliantly at the age of 12 with the title of Polish Champion in the Optimist class. In subsequent years he was multiple gold medallist on Marine Polish Championships, medallist in the Tornado World Championship and twice in Micro class.

He is well-known for large national projects, including the races around the world on catamaran Warta Polpharma. He has also won the Mackinac Race and the prestigious Sydney Hobart Race.

However, the greatest recognition in the sailing environment brought him the participation in the TRANSAT 650 project; alone across the Atlantic, "one boat, one ocean, one man".

Jarek sailed in the lead in the one of the most prestigious and extreme sailing events in the world. The idea of ??the transatlantic race is grappling with the power of the ocean on the yacht 6.5 meters long. Additionally, the rules of the race prohibit any contact with the land and the use of electronic navigation maps. What is more, to qualify, the competitors need to take part in the number of qualification races and sail alone two thousand miles! Participation in this project gave him a place in the world leaders of professional racing sailors.

Jarek is also a professional skipper of 90 and 80 feet-long maxi yachts class, which are well-known from commercials of maxi Bols and maxi Sport boat :)

His attachment to Junga Sailing School is very strong. He teaches our participants sailing, maritime navigation and pilotage. Moreover, his son Milosz got Inland Skipper Certificate here and the other son Cieszek went with us for his first seagoing voyage to Alands.

Privately, he is known as modest person with a healthy lack of swank, which accompanies the typical racing sailors :) He is the author of several articles about sailing in the ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’, ‘Rejs’ and ‘Żagle’. His fascinating stories about sailing adventures you can find on the website: However, a substantial value of his knowledge you can assess by yourself on our lectures in the Junga Sailing School ;)

















Each course includes a coastal cruise with a night call at the town of Jastarnia; a port situated on the Hel Peninsula.


The price includes 15 hours of theory and 30 practical hours, insurance, training materials, access to service in marina in Gdynia (showers, toilets). 

Price does not include fees for examination and the certificate.


The certificate and examination fees are not included in the course price. All fees are paid directly to the Polish Yachting Association before the examination.

Examination and certficate fee in PLN:

fee for examination fee for certificate
full fee fee with discount* full fee fee with discount*
Inland Skipper 200 100 50 25
Offshore Skipper 300 150 50 25


To the examination fee you need to add 65 PLN for dokuments preparation.

*The discount concerns pupils and students under 26


Internship in sailing is irreplaceable. It is also a necessary condition if one wants to gain next sailing certificates of competency. Applicants for Offshore Skipper and Marine Skipper are often called 'hours hunters'. We have prepared a comprehensive range of cruises addressed to specific group of customers.

Cruise with us do not boil down to the function: "fishing hours at the sea." First of all the internship helps to get a lot of essential skills acquired during the cruise. During our voyages we learn how to work with a map, compass, List of lights and Pilotage. The aim of each trip is to prepare participants to operate yacht by themselves in a similar nautical basins.

During season 2012 we provides both, short weekend cruises on the Gulf of Gdansk and challenging ocean expeditions. All these routes are well-known for us. Selection of water bodies and places are not coincidental. We want to share with you our experience - our passion.

View the photos from cruises - select a date that suits you and go with us! To all these places you can get by cheap airlines - Wizzair, Ryanair. If you book ticket in advance you can count on attractive price for flight.


This cruise is a training requiring persistance in the spartan conditions - seasick, cold temperatures and the need of watchkeeping by day and by night. It is addresssed for future watch officers and those who would like to operate the marine yacht by themselves. If you think only about sailing vacation - select another option from the choices below :)

length: 5 days


The cruises in the Gulf of Gdansk are organized every weekend. We sail by day and by night in the watch system. The participants recommend our cruises as a valuable addition to the training process. The most frequented ports on the route: Hel, Wladyslawowo and Gdansk Motlawa. Weekend spent with us in the Gulf is a huge dose of knowledge and a foretaste of the true sea adventure!

length: 2 days


The cruise in the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia is a journey for connoisseurs. Helsinki, rocky coast of Saaristo, endless and barren tundra, fascinating phenomenon of the midnight sun. Nowhere else can you can taste the roast of reindeer meat, or traditional wood-fired finnish sauna.

Cheap and direct flights to the basin of Turku by Wizzair irlines! Average price of flight in both ways: 300 - 400 PLN

length: 7 days


Our favorite body of water in Croatia is an archipelago of Kornati islands in the central Dalmatia. Sun-burnt islands form a lunar landscape radically different from typical Croatian coastline. We always visit Rovinj and surrounding wine cellars, try karlovac beer with roast scampi on the grill and visit dolphin safaris in open Adriatic!
length: 7 days


During the winter months we are moving to the warm regions of the Atlantic. We take the yacht by the Straits of Gibraltar to the ocean. We sail on the tides. This expedition is for candidates for the offshore and marine skippers for curious globetrotters. Using the proximity of the Moroccan coast we visit Ceuta and Tangier. We stay also in the less well-known ports such as Assilach or Smir. price:
length: 7 days


Cruise close to the coast of Africa is a way of spending a piece of winter in Saharan climate. Note that this cruise has a specific character. This cruise is adressed for those who would like to take a erst and know better Marocco. On the trip you need to have sense of humor and distance to the cultural phenomena of the Spirits of Morocco. We dress up in berber clothes and use of local divans ;)

In the second half of March we invite you for a cruise in the archipelago off the coast of Thailand, proposed date: 20.03 - 31.03.2012, 7 days on a luxury catamaran, 3 days for exploration of idyllic beaches.

A lot of sailing, the wind in hair and the sun. Before you'll see the land on the horizon, you'll get a hard time on the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Destination - Ibiza! Mecca of holiday madness. Cheap flights with Wizzair and Ryanair from Gdansk, Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan! [] ALAND ISLANDS

The cruise in the archipelago of the Aland Islands is an absolute revelation! The labyrinth of islands covered with stunted trees creates a fabulous landscape. Aland is an oasis of peace and silece - ideal for a sailing holiday for the whole family! You can get there by plane or ferry.

length: 7 days


We sail on the Strait of Gibraltar and on the open waters of the southern Atlantic. We guarantee 100 hours of sailing on the tidal waters on a yacht with a length exceeding 12 meters in accordance to the requirements of Marine Skipper. We enter to Moroccan and Spanish ports: Ceuta, Tarifa, Tangier, Barbate, Smir. Cruise is the training, on which we practice navigation, the operation of course radar, GMDSS, NAVTEX.



We have been present in the charter market for over 10 years. We charter yachts on the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. We have reliable partners and good prices.
Chartering through us you will not pay more,what is more , you will receive from 10 to 25 percent discount from cover price! You can also negotiate additional benefits for yourself of charter or freebies such as accommodation on the yacht before and after the charter, outboard engine, boat, or a bottle of brandy in the mess :)

Plan your own cruise, use our experience! 


We are extremely effective on the Croatian market! We have direct access to a unique online booking system Mediterranean charter fleet. This means that we have a constant overview of the availability of yachts in the declared by you dates.

We never look at the yacht brokers, always conduct direct talks with the owner / operator of the yacht on the indicated by you basin. This help to negotiate more favorable terms than those which are included in the standard offer of our partner.

Look through the selected offers of charter companies. Choose a yacht and ask for price. We will check availability and negotiate for you a lower price than it is offered by the company, even after all discounts and promotions that offers on its website.

Our partners:

ECOS - Yachting

No time to search on the pages of our partners and to analyze the pricing? We will find a boat for you. Give only the reservoir, the port of departure, date and dimensions of the yacht with the quantity of cabins.

Use the contact form - request will be immediately sent to our mailbox.